I decided to back up the old blog, and start anew.  Too much negativity and whining. LOL.

The passworded posts are for a private Facebook group and will not be public.

That being said, I will be posting lots here, hopefully. (heard that one before, eh?) I have lots of interests that I am simply tired of procrastinating on!

Anyone use Fly Lady? I just wrote out my morning/afternoon/bedtime routines.  I also wrote out all my zones.  I have got to get a grip on my housework and I need it as streamlined as possible. We shall see if I can stick to it!

Today, I noticed a smell in my bathroom.  I cannot find the source.  First, it seemed to be the toilet, which I DO CLEAN weekly. I cleaned it. I washed my floor. I scrubbed my shower stall and tub, and I poured drain cleaner down the sink.  Still smells. I do not know what it is, or where it is coming from.  It is making me crazy.  Ugh.

For now, I popped a new scent in my Scentsy warmer, because I have laundry to do and lunch to make. So, for now, I am offa here.  😉

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