Remember the smell that I had mentioned, coming from my bathroom?  Ugh. Apparently, something got up under the house, and died. It got pretty bad. It is dissipating a bit more each day, for which I am so very grateful.

We had a total reprieve from that odor yesterday, because a skunk got in the garage, and sprayed! Seriously, only me, folks!

I am still looking for my motivation to stay on point with eating healthy and exercising. I keep forgetting to take my vitamin D, dammit. I’m still very tired all the time and struggling to get good, solid sleep. It gets old, let me tell yah. I had been taking Thrive supplements, but I simply cannot afford it. It definitely made a difference for me.

Tonights dinner will be relatively healthy. I am about to pop a bunch of onions and peppers into the crock, with some chicken, for fajitas later. Mmmm.

I need to get moving. I have lots of straightening up to do, as an old friend is coming to visit and will be here tomorrow evening! ¬†Until then…….



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