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You can be whoever you want to be on Facebook. It is why I do not really have friends on there that I do not know in person. There ARE a few, I guess, and there are several long time blogger friends that I have never met that I’m friends with… However, it has been almost (oy) 15 years… Lol. 
I followed along with a gal and her rescue efforts for a little over a year. I fell absolutely in love with a few of her rescued animals. Then.. there was drama. And lots of it. I ignored it. I did not partake in any of it. I thought people were being rather cruel. She was being bullied and it was awful to witness. Her and I were friends here on FB, and she ended up deleting me. She tightened up her circle. I did not take offense to this. I understood.
Then… She lied in a big way. She got caught, and things unraveled. Anyone who questioned her was banned from the page. I remained quiet. I defended her on another page that popped up, seeking the truth.
But then, I stepped back. I started seeing screen shots of texts, and FB messages. I had to question what had happened to a few of these animals. I saw what people had to say that were not bullying her, but pointing out what they believed to be troublesome facts. Facts that I can’t ignore. 
She said she was shutting down the page and creating a new one. I had requested to be added, as it’s private, because I really wanted to follow along. I still held hope that there was a logical explanation for everything. I sent her a friend request, which went ignored. I was never added to the new page.  
Then, I saw that she had sent a cat back to it’s original owner, at their request. She sent him, a 17 lb, disabled cat, stuffed in a small carrier, unable to move for about 8 hours… on a plane from ME to OH. I saw messages sent between her and the cats original owner.. It made me sad… And angry. The truth is unfolding, and it is ugly. 
I posted today on yet another page, where people are seeking the truth. I posted about defending her. About being loyal and believing in her. About being duped. And then, she messaged me a simple “hi” just a bit ago. I refrained from responding, and blocked her. I know she saw it.. I knew it was about to go down. 
I have enough drama in my life….. I am still sad and angry. I had really liked her. She had me snowed. There are still thousands of people she has snowed… It is mind boggling and I’m ashamed I didn’t see it sooner…  

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