I wonder

I’ve had two people I friend me on FB, and I hate not knowing why. One was a friend and another is a cousin. My friend had a knack for helping me see things in a new light. She often helped me turn my mood around. She was very positive and was a light in my world. So, realizing that our friendship didn’t matter enough to talk to me and just give me the boot really hurt. I’ve messaged and emailed with no response. I hope that she is okay. She is dealing with her own stuff, and I worry about her. 

My cousin, I had just recently added and boom, gone. Quickly. Am I that awful? Really? 


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  • You can’t take anything on facebook seriously. I have a friend that I have know for more than 20 years. She recently unfriended me because I made a comment about a picture she posted. My comment wasn’t directed at her, only at the source of the picture. I stated that the picture was “petty” and that it insulted my intelligence. It stung when she unfriended me and I thought about telling her that the comment wasn’t directed at her but decided against it. I used to do blogging and online chat – that was my social life. I can only consider facebook as a source of entertainment because of all the drama.

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