It is a work in progress. We eat well for awhile, then Schwann’s happens. Mom just ordered a bunch of stuff we shouldn’t be eating. *sigh*

Tonight we are having ribs that I did up in the crock pot, broccoli slaw, and corn on the cob. Tomorrow is BBQ chicken legs with a Carolina honey mustard sauce, and potatoes with onions and garlic in a Vidalia onion dressing, cooked in foil packs on the grill. We are aiming to eat potatoes/pastas only once a week. We are eating more salads and vegetables.. And staying away from eating out. 

I’m eating vegetables with breakfast, which I’ve always struggled to do. It’s easy to down 2 cups of spinach in some scrambled eggs, so I go for it! Roasted cabbage or Brussels with eggs is great too! 

I love our Spring/Summer menu. It seems easier to eat fresh and light. The minute Fall rolls around, I’m wanting creamy soups and fresh bread and the like. We did a lot better this winter with light soups loaded with veggies, and lots of roasted veggies too. 

I’ve still not lost any weight. Gained a few pounds actually. My doctor said that there is a medicine I can try to battle my insulin resistance as long as I stick to eating healthy. She does not want me limiting my carbs like I was, as that eventually leads to failure down the road. Sooooo, we shall see. I need to get my vitamin D level up… I have blood work in 2 months to see where we are at. Wish me luck!

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