Whatever I’m fighting really knocked me on my butt the last 2 days! Wow. I’m much better now, but still have a slight sore throat and I’m still all stuffed up. I’m not going to complain though.

My sleep pattern is all screwy though because I basically slept the past 2 days off and on around the clock. I’ve had about 4 hours tonight, which is crappy.. but I don’t feel too bad. 

I’ve been eating well, except for ramen noodles at 1 a.m. Lol.. I was craving salt in a BIG way, and given my thyroid condition, my doc told me to give in to that craving once in awhile. Which reminds me, I need my iodine levels checked…

I’ve been drinking tons of water and have only had 2 Diet Pepsi’s since Saturday. That’s big for me. I’ve never been able to kick that habit!

I’ve not had any coffee either, which I will have this morning. I like my morning cup ☕️ 

I was just thinking about all of the little things I need to do in the immediate future.. so when I make my groceries list today, I’m gonna make my to-do list, and get crackin’ on it. It’ll ease my mind and maybe all that crap won’t swirl around in my head at night when I’m trying to sleep! 

I’m going to see if I can’t snooze a bit more before I need to get up and shower and do the adulting that needs done today. 
Have a good one! 

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