I do not remember actually getting the bike, you know, the actual moment of receipt. I do remember that my Nanny and Pop got it for me. It was blue, had a smallish banana seat and big, deep handlebars. Oh, and training wheels. I think it had a horn, too.

I can remember riding it around on our driveway, which was difficult, as it was narrow and sloped towards the road.

I don’t remember getting rid of it. We moved to another house, and I got another blue bike. This bike was used, and a bit bigger than the original. It did not have training wheels. My dad taught me to ride it along a worn path in the grass that ran along side our very long, stone driveway.  Before I knew it, I was riding around in the neighborhood with my friends, shooting down hills as fast as it would take me.

The brakes started to not work so well, and one day as I was barreling down the hill towards the main road, I panicked. I hit the brakes and nothing happened.

I bailed.

My bike sailed across the main road, and on into our driveway amidst screeching tires and a blaring horn. I could see the drivers face as I rolled and skidded to a stop in a rather large pile of debris from construction of a nearby home.

He shouted a few choice words in my direction and kept going. I sat there for a few minutes, scraped up, covered in dirt and blood, and trying not to cry as my friends came racing down the hill.

I had new brakes, seat, handlebars, and tires by that weekend, thanks to my dad. I was able to once again speed down hills with confidence. 😌

We moved, again. The bike, for some reason, did not make the move with us. For Christmas that year, I got another blue bike, used, and HUGE. It was an adult bike, cruising style, with a ginormous seat and a basket on the front.

I had really wanted a BMX style bike, but I knew my dad painted this thing and worked to make it nice for me. I was glad to have a bike, period. It was tough to ride at first, as it was a bit big for me. I did take the basket off after a day or so..

The day after Christmas, I was riding it and I ran into my cousin and some of his friends. He asked to give it a spin, so I let him. They were all going on about what a nice bike it was (it was nice) and next thing I know, my cousin tosses it off of the bridge we were near, and into the freezing creek below.

We laugh about it now. But I was pretty darned mad. I went home and told my dad, he was way more than mad.

He went and found my cousin, and made him go into the deep (at least 15 feet or so) freezing water to retrieve my bike. I wasn’t there to see it. Sure wish I had been, though. 😬

It became a long running joke between cousin and I. That is, until he stopped talking to me.






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