Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

I’ve come to the determination that I’m nuts. I mean, for real.

I know the kinds of food I NEED to eat. I know the kinds of food I NEED to avoid. And while I make an effort, it’s not enough. I will do well, and then hubby wants to stop somewhere bad to eat, and instead of saying no, my tires are squealing into the parking lot. Or I’m good til my mom says, “Ohhh let’s bake this!” 

I’m not blaming my hubby or my mom. It’s ME. I am weak. And I’m not sure how to MAKE.IT.STOP.

Y’all that have followed me over the years must tire of the same old fucking bullshit from me.  I know that I am tired of it.

Last month I attempted to do something different. I spent an entire day prepping and cooking a weeks worth of foods with the hopes that my family would actually eat it, and it would make things a bit easier on me. It wasn’t a total failure. Out of 24 containers, only 2 got tossed. 

I’m going to do it again, but only 3 or 4 days at a time, and will include lunches. For all 4 of us. 

I am currently undergoing physical therapy for my knees. No exercise til my therapist says so.  I’ve been doing some upper body stuff til I can hit it full force. I’m kind of excited because the place I go to offers personal training for weight lifting. I’m going to talk to them about it when I go to my next appointment. 

It’s $25 a month for a personalized situation. She has a doctorate in this stuff, so I am hopeful she can keep me going forward.

I will start another attempt at eating right in the next week.  I don’t eat horrible, but I need to lock it down. 


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  • Jen,
    Have you ever checked with your insurance to see if they would cover you getting a lap band? I know several people who have gotten one and been really pleased with the results. Losing weight is a difficult journey and probably even more difficult when a family is involved. Most of mine was by using ww online and using portion control. Good luck with your journey!!

    • Thank Peggy. Yes, I had looked into it a few times, and each time, my insurance wouldn’t cover it. I have not looked into it with what I have now though, so I will do that. 💕

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