Betty Crocker

It’s been rainy today. Things with T are rocky yet again. I’ve been pretty down, but trying to stay positive.

For dinner tonight, I really needed something different. This hit the nail on the head!

I get emails from Betty Crocker containing recipes a few times a week. This one was a winner!

I took 6 chicken breasts and seasoned them with salt, pepper, and thyme. I got my cast iron pan good and hot, and added the chicken. I cooked it til brown on each side. I removed the chicken and set it aside. To the pan I added 3/4 c of chicken stock and whisked all the chicken bits in the pan loose. I put the chicken back and let it cook for about 20 minutes.

I then removed the chicken again, and poured the stock out into a large measuring cup. I added some oil to the pan and sautéed some onion and mushrooms, and finally some garlic.

I added the stock back in, added to that 4 oz. of cream cheese and about 1/4 tsp of red pepper flakes. As that cooked down, I heated up some green beans, and added that to the pan. I gave it a good toss, sliced the chicken and added that back in.

It was ridiculously flavorful and delicious, and everyone loved it! I’m adding it to my list, as it was easy and filling and not too horribly unhealthy!


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