A good day

I spent the afternoon out and about with my mom. It was nice. We hit up a local farm for some fresh steaks/burgers/sausage. I’m so thankful to have places around here to get farm-to-table goods. I’d much rather we support our locals than Walmart. We had sandwiches from there for lunch, too. They were delish. The people are super nice. The man seems REALLY familiar to me, but I can’t place him..

Nova kept an eye on things til I put them in the fridge.

We bought some Amish cheese they get from nearby PA. Omg. Cheddar Mango Pepper. She said it wasn’t hot. She lied! Lol. But it’s amazing! I can’t wait to have some of it with a cold, fresh sliced apple! Mmmmm. We also bought some smoked Gouda, which I could eat all day long and then some. I completely understand why my dad always called good cheese ‘poor man’s steak’ !!! Speaking of good cheese, I need to get my hands on Tillamook Cheddar. That stuff is amazing.

Speaking of my dad, tomorrow marks the 13th year since he left us. I was walking around Walmart fighting back tears as I wandered around the tool section looking for something. I used to love shopping for my dad for Christmas and his birthday. I always made mental notes of things he needed or wanted. He was always so happy to get stuff he needed for his work shop. But most of all, I loved the surprise gifts; the ones he never expected! Those are the ones I’d wrap in an entire Sunday newspaper, inserts and all! Made him work for it hahaha. He was good at getting me back.. like the time he put a bowling ball in a dishwasher box packed full of balled up newspaper, popcorn styrofoam and bubble wrap. đŸ˜¬ Good memories. I hope they will get me through… đŸ’•

Well, I’m off to go vacuum my office and neaten up my desk a bit. Dinner tonight is sirloin steaks on the grill with steak fries and a big salad. Yummers.

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