Swirly whirlybird

That’s my brain right now. Always in motion. Too bad my body isn’t. 😒In my heart, in my head, I have all the motivation in the world. My body gives me the finger, though.I’m sitting here at 2 a.m. knowing full well that I needed to go to bed hours ago. Yet, here I am. I’ve eaten so crappy this last week. So now I’m reflecting and I’m angry with myself. I’ve no willpower. Mom and T keep buying junk and I keep eating it. And I feel like crap, and am actually craving something healthy.We camp this week. I’m not bringing any junk other than some Tostitos and salsa. My goal is to walk several times a day, eat proportionally, and hydrate well. Also, relax. And enjoy. If I post plans about what I’ll do when I get home, I’ll just fail and feel like a loser.Ugh. I won’t be able to post til we are home. See you then.

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  • This week I started over….again…and today I have to go to big family picnic…will try to eat reasonably…want to, but…it’s hard. Always. At least I got a 5K walk in this morning before it all begins. Have a GREAT time camping. It is a happy place for you. <3

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