Merry Christmas

I do hope you had a great Christmas. We had a wonderful couple of days. It was very low key. We did have our neighbor over. He’s retired and alone and really doesn’t go anywhere. He’s been spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with us for the last few years now.

Last night we watched A Christmas Story, and munched on some goodies, had a drink or two, and just generally enjoyed the evening together.

This morning, we opened gifts. My family spoiled me. I was gifted some wonderful things! After the post-gift clean up, my mom and I cooked dinner. We had ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, warm bread with butter AND corn bread. It was delish!

I was really missing my dad. I had to work at not being sad. I know he wouldn’t want that for me. So instead, I remembered all the joy he brought us during the holidays, and I tried to give that joy to my family.

I am hoping for a very lazy day tomorrow. I just kind of want to sit around and do nothing but maybe read, and listen to a couple albums I got for gifts (Queen, of course) …

The bonus this Christmas? We had a white Christmas. It snowed all day today. It was, well, kind of magical.

Until next time…. xoxo

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  • I’m so glad you had a good Christmas and you share your home with your neighbor. Love comes down (and out) at Christmas time. Well done, you. <3

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