Happy New Year!

New domain name and hosting has been purchased. I am excited to get the new space up and running.

I will be doing what I am calling ‘The 365’ … it is a series of 365 prompts, broken down by month/day.

The one for today is “Your Biggest Dream”

My biggest dream, if money were no object? I would buy a small tropical island. I would build an amazing and functional (for me and the fam) home. I would become the fully fledged crazy cat lady I always said I would become. I would rescue cats. And maybe a few dogs too. 😉

Our days would consist of caring for, and loving on said animals, lounging in hammocks amongst the palm trees and sun, eating fresh caught seafood, having epic BBQs, drinking rum-infused drinks with those cute little umbrellas in them, reading good books, and listening to music a LOT. I would have the most amazing garden you have ever seen. I would love to grow what we eat. However, I have black thumbs. Both of them. So I would have to employ someone who has very green ones….

So yeah, that is the dream. To be a tropical crazy cat lady… to be surrounded by my family and friends and a million cats.

On a more realistic and practical level? I would love to buy some land, build a roomy, functional, and cozy home, and create a small homestead situation. Again, the black thumbs throw a wrench into that idea. I can kill plants like nobody’s business. It is awful. I have been trying to get it right for YEARS. I just don’t understand. ugh.

Said land would have a spring, and a creek that poses no threat to us when it floods. It would have heavenly views, lots of visiting wildlife, tons of fruit trees/bushes.. I would have an amazing grape arbor, and lots of flowers everywhere to attract bees and flutterbyes.. it would be a wee slice of heaven for sure. My garden would be huge. I would can what we do not eat, so I could be all stocked up for the cooler months, and whatever was left over would be given to someone who needs it. I would love to have an abundance of foodstuffs so I could bake bread and make soups or casseroles that I could deliver to someone in need.

Hubby and I are currently paying off some debt. The goal is to be debt free (minus our truck payment) in two years. Then for the next two years, all the money we spent paying those bills, will go into a savings account. When our kiddo heads off to college, that is when we will decide on where we are going. We love it here, but want to be somewhere warmer.

Mom put the idea of Panama into my head and now I cannot stop thinking about that LOL. I am not sure that we will go to that extreme. Time will tell…

Anyway… my wish for you is that you have a healthy year ahead. This COVID thing is frightening. I know several folks who have died from it, I know several folks currently fighting it, and I know several who have overcome it, but not without some gnarly residual complications. It scares me silly… It really does. This is like my worst childhood fear and it has come to be. Ugh.

Be smart. Be safe. BE GOOD to each other. Stay strong in your faith. The one thing I have seen this year that unsettles me more than anything, is the ugliness I see from some people. If what you are about to type is not something you would say in a face-to-face situation? Then DON’T say it. Quit being a keyboard warrior, find your inner peace, and be a good person. BE KIND. It will cost you nothing. And if being mean and tearing down another human makes you feel ANYTHING but horrible? Please try to figure out WHY …

Until next time…

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