Today’s question is, “How do you feel today?”

Today was a shit day, if I’m going to be honest. I did not sleep well the night before, so I was extremely tired. Then I ate sausage and eggs. Sausage always bothers my guts. I never learn. 😫 I napped off and on all day, and did not get as much laundry done as I should have. The Christmas stuff is still up, too.

There was good that happened though. I shared some laughs with mom and M and T. The pets gave me loves, too. I fell asleep around 10:25, so this post is late because I just woke up due to a hot flash (gooood times…) and remembered I hadn’t posted.
I try to remember that even though every day may not be good, there IS good in every day.

How was YOUR day?

Until next time… xoxo

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