I’m late again. I don’t have time at work to post. And then when I get home, it’s non-stop. Then when I sit down, I’m done for. I fell asleep by 9:15 last night. So weird. Who is this person?? Lol

So the 5/365 prompt is “What lesson did you learn today?”

I am not sure if I learned any lesson, but I had a few… realizations. I learned I don’t like being under scrutiny. I will just leave that as it is.

I also learned that while I know I need to unscrew my sleep patterns, I’m probably going to mess it all up this weekend because I miss that time to myself. I just go in my office, sit in the dark, watch Grey’s Anatomy, or listen to music, chat with FB friends… sometimes I’ll make something using my Cricut. Sometimes I will read, or peruse Pinterest, etc.

I just really miss that quiet time when every one else is asleep. We shall see what the weekend brings, and how it affects me for the week ahead.

In other news, I have been eating healthier and getting my water in. I’ve reduced my Coke Zero intake to 1 every other day (that’s HUGE for me lol), and I’m almost caught up on laundry! Aren’t you glad you know?! Hah.

I do hope that you have all that you need today.
I will try to post day 6 later today.. I’ve gotta scoot to work!

Until next time.. xoxo

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  • So glad you’re sticking with things, honey. Great job! What are you doing for work?

    • Thank you 💕 I work at a private school, helping with admin stuff and helping the kids with their work if needed. I love it. I have an amazing boss, and amazing colleagues.. and I love the kids. Never saw myself doing this sort of thing, but here I am. Lol 😆

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