“Three things that bring you joy?”

My family, more often than not lol. We laugh a lot around here. Some times it is at each other, some times it is at ourselves… there’s a lot of love up in here, and with that comes joy.

Spring. I love Spring! The Earth’s rebirth from a long, cold winter. I love having coffee on the porch with my mom, listening to the birds, and planting things… even though what I plant usually doesn’t do well, lol. I love chilly spring mornings and cool spring evenings. I love getting out on my ATV and feeling the wind in my face. Aaaahhh, joy!!

Seeing others succeed, or reach goals always brings my heart immense joy! As much as I claim to “hate people”, lol, it is really only the negative ones that bother me. They are reminders to myself to leave the negative behind. I struggle with that some times!!

What brings you joy?

Until next time… xoxo

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