“An unforgettable moment from your childhood?”

Oh, I have so many. One that immediately came to mind was a hot summer day in 1982. My cousin and I were on the RR bridge in the little town we lived in. We were spying on his older brother and a friend, who were below, swimming in the river, stoned and acting ridiculous. We were laughing at them… they spotted us and began acting even more ridiculous.

Next thing I know, they are yelling at us to get off the bridge because a train was coming. We look up and sure enough… there’s a train on the bridge. We couldn’t believe it. So, my cousin shoved me off the tracks, and jumped after me. We landed in a pile of rocks and RR spikes. We sat there a good long while. We were too shaken up to move! I’ll never forget the engineers face as the train went by.

I’ll never understand how we didn’t hear it or feel it. It was crazy…

Until next time… xoxo

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March 5, 2021


March 6, 2021