“How would you describe your teen years?”

Oh. Lort.

Lol. Crazy?

The worst parts being my abusive boyfriend, and my dad’s heart troubles. That was so scary. He was 45, and had to have a quintuple bypass. Four months later, he had a hip replacement (due to an old injury) that was never right.. even after a revision. And after that, a whole host of issues that were of unknown origin until years later, when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 🙁

The best part? Growing up with my friends. Hanging out on the beach, in the park next to my house. Sleep overs with Andrea, Tina, crashing at Frank’s apartment… sneaking friends in the back door when I’d stay at my grandma’s house next door. (She would be asleep in my bed. Her boyfriend had passed and she wasn’t liking being alone.)

Music. Concerts. Fourth of a July parties at Tina’s Aunt and Uncle’s house, my neighbors EPIC 4th gatherings, Ronnie’s shack (another neighbor, long story LOL)

Walking around town at night with my Walkman listening to music, enjoying the solitude. Hours spent sitting on the rocks, watching the ocean lap at the shore, waiting for the sun to come up. My job at the coffee shop. Never ending Monopoly games. Trips to the Cape.

Oh.. so much more good than bad when I really think about it.


Until next time … xoxo

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March 25, 2021


March 25, 2021