“What did you want to be when you grew up?”

A drummer in a rock band. For real. Lol

After I let go of that little pipe dream, I really never settled on any one thing. I didn’t feel passionate about anything other than caring for animals or the elderly. And I had jobs that did both. I wasn’t cut out for them. I’m too emotional. You need to be able to detach or it will drive you into the ground.

So, I went with computers. Building them, fixing them, running/setting up networks. That burnt me out fast. Not what I was doing, but where I worked. Corporate America was not for me! People were more concerned with who had what office and whether or not they had a window than they were about their actual job. Ugh….

That led to me learning/getting a job doing web stuffs. I did that for a while, then left that when T and I decided to have a baby.

In hindsight, I wish I’d had the chops to stick with veterinary stuffs. *sigh*

Until next time … xoxo

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April 9, 2021


April 11, 2021