“What World Festival would you like to attend?”

When I was younger, I would have said Mardis Gras, for sure. And Oktoberfest in Munich! But, those partying days are behind me now. One festival I find to be absolutely beautiful in all ways, is the Holi Festival Celebration. It is held in Mumbai each year. The Indian people come together and throw colors! Ever see one of the Color Fun Run 5k races where people end up covered in various colors? This festival looks much like that.

They celebrate how the colors unify them, erasing their differences for the day… which I find to be beautiful.

Another I would love to attend is the Glastonbury Festival in the UK. People come together, dress up in silly outfits, and listen to great music, on a farm, rain or shine. There is also much more going on, such as film showings, theatre and comedy events, and parties galore. I am probably a bit old for this one, but it always sounded like so much fun!

Dia de los Meurtos would be something to see, as well!

I can NEVER just pick one thing. Sorry about that! Haha!

Until next time … xoxo

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April 16, 2021


April 18, 2021