“What memories do you associate with Spring?”

Huh, wow. LOL.

When I was younger, and living in Massachusetts, the onset of Spring meant more time outside ( I was always outside, regardless of temperature, or weather conditions…) that was actually enjoyable. It meant that the days spent on the beach were getting closer. I cannot think of any specific memories attached to Spring, other than celebrating Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday.

These days, living in a place where Winter never seems to end, my memories of Spring center around me begging the Gods for mercy. LOL. I hate having such a short growing season. I hate that Winter seems to last forever, and Spring and Summer are over in the blink of an eye. Also? I never had seasonal allergies until I moved back here. It is a TOTAL bitch. I count down the days til Spring, and then spend it’s entirety in absolute misery! However, I LOVE watching the Earth’s rebirth. I love watching everything bud, and bloom. I love the anticipation of going camping and having bonfires and cook outs with my people.

So…while I may not have anything specific, Spring generally brings me happy happy feelings.

Just gonna toss this out there.. If I post about a bonfire or BBQ here or on FB, or on Instagram? That is your invitation to join in. (You know, as long as I actually KNOW you. I don’t need, nor want random strangers showing up…LOL) Most of you know where I live, and if you do not, just PM me. But seriously.. I would love for you to join us. So do not be all stranger-like.

Until next time … xoxo

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April 18, 2021


April 20, 2021