“Where were you born? What was your house like as a child?”

I was born on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. My parents owned a 3 bedroom home in Bourne, MA. I was born in 73, so it was typical of the time. Shag carpet, avocado green appliances in the kitchen (the washer and dryer, too!)… they were into eagles..so there were eagles everywhere. We had this gold colored naugahyde couch that had a jigsaw puzzle pattern on it. It had a pull out bed and I can remember whenever it was moved, it took like 40 people because it weighed as much as the house. LOL.

That couch would make you sweat like crazy. And we had these soft, thin throw pillows that were great for napping on, except that it had a giant flat button right in the center of it. It was so uncomfortable. We had a wood burning fireplace. My dad had a leather recliner and one of those side table/lamp combinations, that seemed to always be on the verge of teetering over.

My bed was the most comfortable thing ever. I had Raggedy Ann and Andy sheets that were super soft. I had a huge toy box full of good stuff. I loved my Lincoln Logs, my Weebles, and my Light Bright!

We had a decent sized yard. I remember my dad having a wood pile out back that attracted snakes. We had a garden at one point. I had pretty cool pool when I was like 4. I had a bike, and an inchworm, and some neighbor kids that were friends, and some that weren’t ….

We moved from that house just before I turned 5. I remember being in the middle of packing, and getting ready for my oldest sister’s wedding (she is 15 years older than me), and the Blob being on tv and I was super distracted by it. My dad kept telling me not to worry, that it was not real. However, I remember at some point going to Baltimore to visit my Nanny and my Pop, and we spent some time at my Aunts house. I was asleep, and had a nightmare that this Blob/whale/shark thing was seeping through a vent trying to eat me. I was trying to run from it, but of course we can never run in our dreams when we NEED to! So I was in slow motion and it was gaining on my. My cousin woke me because I was screaming for help.

Okay, that went a bit off topic, but there you are. It was a typical 70s abode! We moved back to the area in 85/86 and I knew the boy who lived in the house. It was so weird going in there and seeing it the same, yet different!

Until next time … xoxo

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