“What is your best birthday memory?”

After my Pop died on my 27th birthday, I really did not enjoy celebrating my birthday. I really tried to keep it low key after that.

For my 40th though, my friend Holly planned a surprise party. We were actually celebrating my neighbor’s kid’s birthday that day. Her birthday is the day after mine. As her party wound down, hubby approached me about heading on down to Holly’s for a bit. It was still early, around 2 p.m. There had been lots of whispering and shit going on, and I was kind of irritated with everyone. LOL

I really just wanted to go in the house and chill out. Hubby convinced me to go, so off we went. I was very surprised. She planned a big BBQ, and we had a bonfire and a lot of my other friends stopped in at various times through the remainder of the day. It was really a great time. But the BEST part?

Holly had done all of the planning with hubby and my mom, who was living in Florida at the time. My mom flew up for the party. Holly’s mom picked her up at the airport. I was clueless. She told me my birthday present was in the garage, and then opened the door. Everyone was looking at me funny.

When I saw my mom, I couldn’t believe it! I was speechless. And if you know me, it is hard to leave me speechless!

It was the best party ever. Holly and her mom, and hubby and my mom really pulled it off amazingly!

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