Monthly archives: May, 2021



“What worries you?” Oh, lots. Mostly the health of my family, and hubby’s wildly fluctuating moods. I worry about the general state of the world and the hatred I see between people. I really cannot complain too much though. About 9 years ago, those worries were about how I was going to pay bills and …


Macrame coasters

“What is a new skill that you would like to learn?” Macrame. However, I have cats. I cannot see the two going together very well! Is there a new skill you’d like to learn? Until next time … xoxo


“What concert do you really want to go to?” Is there anyone who knows me that really need me to clarify? haha! I was born too late. If I could go back, I would go to every Queen show possible. That is the simple, short answer. Like, I would throw myself into unimaginable debt, travel …


No TV!

“Would you ever get rid of your television?” I don’t know. We really do not watch a lot of tv. It is something we enjoy doing after dinner. We usually watch Wheel of Fortune, and after that we have a few regular shows we like to watch. We like Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef. We watch …


Survivor tv show

“What is your favorite day of the week?” Currently, I do not have one. But come Fall, it will be Wednesday! Because Survivor will be back on TV. Hubby and I have never missed an episode. LOVE the show! I cannot wait! Until next time … xoxo


what do you want in a relationship?

“Three things you want in a relationship.” Honesty, loyalty, and love (duh…) haha. What say you? Until next time … xoxo


Potato, bacon, egg hash

“Share a favorite recipe.” Okay then. This is a favorite around here.. my skillet breakfast hash. Ingredients: 1 lb bacon1 large Vidalia onion4 medium potatoesa lot of minced garlic lolsalt, pepper, and paprika to taste8 eggs Over medium heat, I cook the bacon first. Set aside to cool.Dice onion in large chunks and cook in …


faceplant definition

I have a few. Like the time I asked an acquaintance if she was pregnant. She replied with, “No. I have just gained a bit of weight lately!” BIG lesson learned there. And then there was the time I was walking out of the Providence Civic Center after an event. I was with my niece …


Mellencamp logo

“What is the most outrageous and crazy thing you have ever done?” Well, I am a fun person, but not wild and crazy. I think the craziest thing I have ever really done was to chase John Mellencamp across the country back in the early 2000s. Haha. I was newly single. I had just moved …



“What is the biggest mistake you ever made, and what did you learn from it?” Getting married the first time. He had issues. He was abusive. When that turned physical, I ended it. A year later he was begging to get back together. I was cautious. However, he really had changed. So, the relationship progressed. …