“Who was your favorite teacher in elementary school?”

I had two that stand out, even all these years later. One was was my 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Conklin. She was spunky, upbeat, a ray of sunshine. You could not be in a bad mood around her. She was always smiling. The one thing I really appreciated was that when she corrected you in class, in front of everyone else, she did not make you feel stupid, or called out, or otherwise bad about yourself. I had far too many teachers who were the exact opposite.

The other, was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Vagenas. Yes, that was her real name (still is).. She was kind. She really seemed to love us kids…Her and I wrote letters back and forth for several years after I had moved away. She was very… motherly towards us all. You always felt at ease around her.

I have more nightmare stories about teachers and school than I have good, which is really sad. But those two, are two of my favorites. I have always wondered about them and how they did throughout their lives. Ms. Conklin got engaged my 3rd grade year. I hope her marriage has been a long and happy one…

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