“The first apartment you ever rented..”

It no longer exists. I moved in with my friend Amy. It was a 3 bedroom apartment, on the third floor of an old tenement owned by this little old Vietnamese couple. I took a GREAT risk setting up my waterbed up there. Not sure what I was thinking! It was across the street from a busy bar, and next door to a church. The bell tower was right outside my bedroom window. That really sucked.

It was also behind one of the best Portuguese restaurants in the city. To smell all that yummy food all the time was torture. The place was a bit pricey, so we never got to eat there. That really sucked!

We had no washer and dryer, nor did I have the money to go to a laundry. I was 17, still in school and working. So, we washed our clothes in the tub. That really sucked.

Our gas space heater used to quit working on us. It always happened during the cold snaps. That really sucked.

But we had a roof overhead, and food in the kitchen. We took turns cooking dinner. Amy was pregnant with her daughter at the time. We had lot of good times in that place. When the weather was nice, we would sit out on the little roof-over to the patio below, and watch the fights erupt from the bar across the street. We sure saw some shit!

She eventually let her boyfriend move in, and that is when I left. He and I did not get along at all… and they had a baby together now so it was time for me to go.

I was not shocked to see that it had been torn down a few years later …. it really was in bad shape lol.

In the posted photo, the apartment stood between the church (the fenced area to the right) and restaurant. The restaurant owns the property now, and as you can see, has expanded their building into the space where the house once stood.

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