“Your most recent dream..”

It was a weird one. I only remember bits and pieces, but it had to do with being in a house, and trying to get others to leave. They did not belong there. And then I was listening to music (Queen, of course) and someone had the balls to turn it off. Nah. So, that got a bit ugly. Haha.

I walked outside and there were clouds floating around. I tried to run through one and it was solid, so I got knocked back onto my butt. That made me really mad. I got up and kicked it and when I did, my foot went into it (it felt like cotton then), and when I pulled my foot out, it was NOT my foot. It was some one else’s foot!

I walked back into the house, but now it was a totally different house. And I did not belong there so I was asking everyone how I got there, but no one knew. Some guy gave me a bike, and I rode off on it, and right into a war zone. A literal war zone. Soldiers everywhere. Everything destroyed and on fire. Dead people in the streets. It was awful.

At that point, I was apparently disturbed enough, that I woke up. And I was unable to go back to sleep… of course. *eyeroll*

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May 17, 2021


May 19, 2021