Friday Five,  Hey. Hi. Hello.

Friday Five!

Found over at Friday 5!

  1. When did you last have to ‘MacGyver’ something?
  2. In what way were you spontaneous this week?
  3. What have you recently completed at the last minute?
  4. How good are you at thinking up a quick lie?
  5. What’s your personal time organizer system like?
  1. A couple weeks ago. I have two cats. One of them I have to stuff into the carrier with much fight. But, once he is in there, he just chills out. The other? Good LORD. If put into a carrier, she will puke, pee, and shit. By the time we get to the vet, it is a real mess. So, I saw this bag on Amazon. It is like a giant sack. The first time we used it, I smooshed her head through the head hole, zipped the rest of her in..and off we went. She peed. And it went all over my husbands lap. However, there was no puke and no poop. She was due for her shots recently. This time though, I got her head into the head hole, and then I wrapped the rest of her into an old towel, while the hubby then put two plastic Walmart bags over the towel.. We zipped it up and off we went. Do not know if it would have worked, as she did not pee this time. Of course. Also, not exactly a MacGyver, but it is all I have got!
  2. I am never spontaneous any more. My husbands mental state does not allow for that these days, sadly…..
  3. I do just about everything last minute. What can I say? I like to live dangerously. *eyeroll* LOL
  4. I don’t like to lie. I hate liars. However, some times, it is just necessary. We all do it from time to time. That being said… I am pretty good at it. But just wee lies.. not anything that would actually hurt anyone if they found out… kinda. Oy.
  5. Hahaha. I am an unmedicated adult woman with ADHD, who has WAY too much on her plate. Procrastinating is my worst trait. I have no organization of time. I really need to work on that, though.

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