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    50 Questions : Part 2!

    Okay, here are more of those 50 Questions to Help You Find Your Best Self. I left off at #20.. 21. What are 5 things that make me smile? hm.. The laughter of my loves, when my kitties greet me with purrs and trills, sunshine!, big, white, puffy cloud days, and seeing others doing nice things for other people. 22. What steps can I take to be the most confident version of myself? Do not listen to the negativity in my head. I can do anything I put my mind to… develop a healthy-for-me routine and stick to it, work hard for the things that I want… set small goals…

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    Question 32

    Personal History Question 32 is, “When did you first leave home?” I moved out when I was 18. My friend Amy had an apartment with her boyfriend. He had some issues and they were not getting along. She gave him the boot. She was pregnant with their daughter. I moved in to help with rent and bills and such. It was a good time. We had always spent a lot of time together anyway and we got on well, so living together was easy. Shortly after having her daughter, she reconciled with the bf, and he moved back in. He and I did not get on much, so I ended…

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    I was just reading a Reddit post about shit things that “friends” have done to people. Some of them were really awful. I can relate. Our friend M, cut us off after he called me and said that T and I needed to come to a cabin on the Shenandoah that he had rented on an upcoming weekend. We were struggling a bit financially, so he said it was all covered by him and to just show up. Well, we couldn’t do that. My mom had just literally (that day) come home from rehab after a hip replacement AND we had just got a dog that still needed a bit…

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    50 Questions!

    This is a bit different than the Personal History Questions I have been answering. These are geared at helping on to find their best self. Not sure how many I will do at a time, we will just have to see. Here we gooooo! And I think I will stop there for now.. The rest will come soon!

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    Turning it around

    I drafted a very long post the other night. I had a lot on my mind and needed to clear my head. I did not publish it. I just left it for a few days. I just trashed it. It does not need to see the light of day. I got it out and off my chest, and I feel better now. And I decided to turn that ick and sadness and frustration, and turn it around into something good and positive. On Pinterest, I came across 50 Questions to Help You be Your BEST SELF. And I am going to go ahead and answer them here. It will not…

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    Question 31

    Personal History Question 31 is, “What was the best part about growing up?” Ah. That is easy! Limited responsibility! From a young age I knew to conduct myself properly, or face the disappointment of my mom and dad. I did have chores to do as well, from a relatively youngish age, even if it was just making my bed, putting my clean clothes away, and keeping my room clean. Only thing I really had to worry about for a long time, was being home by 5 to set the table and help serve dinner, and then help clean up. Then, it was back outside with my friends. I miss those…

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    I wonder…..

    I wonder what makes our friends on Facebook come and go? In my FB memories for yesterday, as I scrolled through, I was amazed at the folks who were commenting. They no longer do. We are still friends on FB, and in real life, but several of these folks no longer follow along with me at all, and 3 of them have passed on. I tend to engage with those who engage back. There is one gal that I have known since the old blogging days. I would comment and like her posts. I rather enjoyed what she shared. There has never even been an acknowledgment, EVER. Even when I…

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    Question 30

    Personal History Question 30 is, “What was the hardest part of growing up?” I did not even really have to think about this. The hardest part for me was losing older family members… and it has only gotten worse as time has gone on. Ugh.

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    Question 29

    Personal History Question 29 is, “Write about your favorite holiday memory.” Oh, I have SO many, especially since having my kidlet. However, I will share one from my childhood. My dad loved a good prank. So, one year mom and I got him the Sega Genesis and a couple games for his big gift. He loved video games 🙂 Well, I wrapped it on 2 or 3 entire Sunday newspapers, inserts and all. It took him forever to peel away the layers. I taped it to Hell and back. It was so funny. He knew what it was by the shape of the box, but it drove him nuts regardless.…

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    Procrastination, be damned!

    One of my goals for this month is to make a list each night of what needs done the next day. I was able to cross off all but one thing, and one other thing is in progress. So, yay! I am a horrible procrastinator. Lists help. Another goal I had set for this month was to try to remain positive, even if I am feeling grouchy. I was successful at this as well. However, I did allow myself a moment or two to acknowledge the grumpy, and then move on. I did not make the best food choices today. I am done beating myself up about it though. Tomorrow…