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Happy New Year!

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New domain name and hosting has been purchased. I am excited to get the new space up and running. I will be doing what I am calling ‘The 365’ … it is […]


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Bringing Blogging back

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Ha. Hardly anyone ever read my blog back in the day, so it isn’t likely to change this time around. But..I like to write. And I have missed it. I miss creating […]


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Merry Christmas

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I do hope you had a great Christmas. We had a wonderful couple of days. It was very low key. We did have our neighbor over. He’s retired and alone and really […]


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Down the Rabbit Hole

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Ugh.I was looking through photos just a bit ago. I came across the pics from when we moved from Florida to Rowlesburg. We moved into my Nanny and Pops old house. Oh, […]


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Happy Wednesday!

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Yesterday was a full on bucket of suck. I won’t bore you with details. However, something happened last night to turn it all around. I was not feeling good. I was in […]


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I woke up with so much running through my head.. too much. I never seem to finish a thought.. I hate feeling so unsettled. I’m also feeling under the weather physically. I’d […]


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Oh, I have so much on my mind. Mainly? Time… Time is wonderful, and yet the lack of it sucks. Example: My kid is some how almost 12. Twelve. So, I sit […]


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A good day

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I spent the afternoon out and about with my mom. It was nice. We hit up a local farm for some fresh steaks/burgers/sausage. I’m so thankful to have places around here to […]


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The Longest Day

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The Summer Solstice! I wait all year for this day! I had hoped today would be sunny and hot. Like summer should be. But, nope. 😔 I’m sitting here listening to the […]


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Day 59

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While I have largely pissed away the last 58 days, I’m still trying. I ate well today. I started my day with a Shakeology with spinach and almond milk. I had a […]