I dropped the kidlet off at school this morning and was irritated before I even left the house.  Upon arriving at school, the person in front of me parked, blocking the rest of us from exiting…  She unloaded her kids and walked them to the door. It’s quite inconsiderate, as there right in front of her, is a pull-off area for that exact reason. Argh. So I watch my beasty walk into school, and the lady gets back into her vehicle and drives off. 
As I am exiting behind her, I notice this beat up old minivan and a lady unloading 3 littles and a baby…  And then I realize ….  It’s the woman I would see all the time, regardless of the weather, walking her kids to school each day, carrying the baby in it’s car seat. 

I always wanted to offer her a ride, but did not have enough room in my vehicle. I do not have any way of knowing if the vehicle is hers or not, but I assume it is. And I was SO HAPPY for her. That must make her life so much easier! 

I smiled at her as I went by. She certainly looked a lot less weary than I’d seen her in days passed. 

I smiled all the way home.  🙂

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