Day 1

I was up late last night and slept in this morning, so I didn’t have breakfast. I had a healthy lunch (kinda sorta starting 21 Day Fix today, but not full on til Monday, as I need to shop), within the Fix guidelines. Then I had Sun Chips. Ugh. I still need to get in more water, too. Dinner was DELISH and also Fix approved and portioned correctly. 

Baby steps, people. 

I organized and partially cleaned my mess of a kitchen. I did some yard work. I did some laundry. And I just did 3 miles on my bike. It took me 11:47 and I maintained my target heart rate for 7 of those minutes. I did a little cool down walk around the porch and yard. Again, baby steps. 

My goal for this week is to portion my food, get my water in, and bike each day. 

I just took my measurements. 😳

I don’t ever want to see those numbers again. And that’s all I have to say about that. 

Til tomorrow……. 

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