This may be TMI, but.. Well…. Sorry not sorry. 🙂

Every month, when I get my period, I bloat. Like.. Seriously bloat, usually between 3 and 5 lbs. It’s awful.  So, today, I noticed I’m not bloated. Awesome! 

Before I made my breakfast, I was logged into my 21 Day Fix app, and it has a space to enter your weight. I never weigh daily. I find it to frustrating. Today though, with the absence of bloat, I decided to hop on the scale.

I’m down 3 lbs! 

Nice. This pleases me greatly. 

I’m sitting here enjoying a blueberry vanilla protein smoothie instead of having pizza and for the first time ever, I’m completely okay with this. 

Fat brain be damned!!

I’m not sure how vigorous I can ride the bike today, as I’m in a ton of pain as a result of m monthly, but I WILL ride. I’ll update later. 


* update

I did not take a pic of dinner because it looked awful, BUT, it was AMAZING!!  We baked cabbage wedges, sprinkled with a little balsamic (not mine though) and seasonings. I had some left over chicken, so we cut up the chicken and portioned it out. I mixed mine with some hot sauce and blue cheese dressing (I know I need to avoid this but baby steps) and topped my cabbage with it. It was SO GOOD. Omg.  Still need to take my ride… That’s next.. Okay… I did a mile, as fast as I could (3:51) because these cramps are colossal. I honestly couldn’t sit on that seat another second. Hopefully, tomorrow I can do better. 

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