Day 10

So, I had to take the hubby to a follow up dental appointment. After I ate a yummy breakfast… We drove 1.5 hours for an appointment that lasted about 5 minutes. 

So… We were about 47 miles from where I lived when I was 11/12. I went by there back in 1995, and it was like going back in time. Everything was the same. It was SO WEIRD.

So, I suggested we do a drive by. Hubby agreed, so off we went. I find it funny that, for the most part, I remembered how to get there from all those years ago being a passenger with nothing to do but look out the window. 

When we turned on the street, I honestly couldn’t choose an emotion. I wanted to cry because of all the memories that came flooding back. I was shocked at how different it all was. Then, I was just confused and in a state of disbelief. I slowed way down and said, “What? That’s the house. Wait. No.. No.. It’s too small. Omg. Did they knock it down and build another? No. There are the living room windows.. And the dining room. And look! That was my bedroom, and my parents room. And.. Wow. I’m so confused!” Haha. That all came tumbling out in about 2 seconds. 

I’m gonna dig out old pics tomorrow (or maybe tonight) to compare. Because seriously, that house looked TINY. It wasn’t tiny when I lived in it. I know that our perception as children is different, but I honestly cannot wrap my head around it!! 

Then, we stopped at Sideling Hill, a cut blasted through a 350 million year old mountain to make way for I-68. 

“Why?” You ask? My hubby is a geologist, and it’s a 350 million year old anticline that’s visible in a beautiful way. (Our mutual love of geology still burns hot. Lol) Most are unimpressed at the wall of rock. We totally geeked out. 

The stairs up to the view looked like a NO, because I have a stupid, arthritic knee that doesn’t play well with others. I ignored the knee and quickly made my way to the top. I broke a good sweat. I am now regretting that decision. No bike tonight. I cannot risk injury. 

I did do a core work out, that ensures that all of me shall hurt tomorrow, and I did my upper body again, even though I have arms that feel like Hulk Hogan’s arms today. 

I also ate a cheeseburger. I got a Diet Coke and couldn’t drink it. Icky. (WHUT??) 

I couldn’t wait to get home and drink some water. The cheeseburger also made me have to hit a rest stop to crap my brains out. Nothing but honesty here, folks.

I’ve felt so gross, that I’ve not had anything else to eat. Some day, hopefully, I will learn. Until then, I do stupid and I suffer accordingly. 

Tomorrow is a new day. I’ve got this. 

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