Day 13

I did 2 miles on the bike, quickly, as I was pressed for time. I spent some time with the momma outside, and some time with the kidlet discussing the floods that happened here in WV recently. I cleaned the kitchen, and after my ride took a shower and headed out to meet up with my bestie and her family to watch our towns local 4th parade. It was a good time!

Came home and put the camper up since kidlet and bff wanted to slee out there. I’m about to go join them. 

I know I’ve not been at it long, and I think this goes hand in hand with the absence of bloat, but my lower legs are looking better. No swelling, no cankles, my legs are taking shape. This brings me joy. 

I’ve been doing this upper arm work out that supposedly sculpts your arms from shoulder to wrist. We shall see. My arms are grossly huge.. But I am hoping that once the weight is gone, I’ll have some killer stuff making itself seen. 🙂 

I ate well today. I’m out of a lot of vegetables, so it’s off to the store tomorrow for what I need. I also need to do 5 miles tomorrow. No excuses.  

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