I miss blogging. I have for a very long time. I tend to blather on and on over on FB, and that is apparently frowned upon.

So I have decided, again, to dust this place off.

It won’t be a ‘niche’ blog, because I have lots I want to blog about, not just one specific thing.

I was never popular back in the blogging heyday, even though lots of people told me they enjoyed my stories and posts.

I won’t be popular this time around either. The difference is that this time, I don’t care. I’m going to get out what I need to get out.

I DO hope that someone, somewhere, can relate. Or maybe feel less alone, or maybe they just chuckle and smile and go about their day.

I have attempted to blog daily in the past, only to fail miserably. I am going to try, one more time. I am hoping not to fail this time.

We shall see…


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March 24, 2017


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