I have been thinking a lot lately about my earliest memories. My mom tells me that there is no way that I can remember certain events, because I was too young.

I assure you though, that I certainly remember the time I was trying to climb up on the back of Roberta’s (my mother’s friend) car, and my foot slipped. My mouth connected solidly with the bumper. There are no pictures of the event to remind me. It gave me my first fat lip!  The pain I felt was reminder enough. I was barely 3.

I remember when the kids next door would not let me help them build their igloo in the snow. They complained that I was too little, and I’d just “mess it up!” I was so sad. I just wanted to play with them. I wanted to help. They shunned me, repeatedly. So, I went back inside, and I waited. I waited until they went inside.

Then, I had my mom bundle me all up, and I went outside, and I climbed the fence between our yard, and the neighbors.

I then did my 3-year-old version of the Nestea plunge ( Google it!) off of the fence and into the top of their precious igloo. Afterwards, I calmly walked back into my house, fully prepared to face whatever the consequences were. I got a scolding about how what I did was not nice. I stood my ground that they had it coming!

I remember being in my bed at night (I loved my comfy bed, with my soft Raggedy Ann and Andy sheets….) and being scared of the random shadows that moved across the wall (headlights from passing cars), and also being scared of the weird horn-thing that I would sometimes hear. Once my dad explained that  it was only a car going by, and the foghorn out in the bay making that noise, all was well in my world again.

I remember when we had termites. I was sitting on the floor, watching something like Merv Griffin, or The Price is Right, when I noticed that our shag carpet was MOVING. My mother freaking freaked out. Again, I was barely 3.

I remember Christmas morning, when I was four. I got a green Playskool desk with a chalkboard too. I loved it. My dad got the Pong video game console. We had so much fun with that! I still have it. 🙂

I remember my pool, digging under the fence to get to my friend Blanche, and the Forsythia bush beside the house, that was infested with ants. I hid in it while playing hide and seek, and ended up covered in ants. Thank God they weren’t fire ants. 😳

All these little bits of my life help make me, well… ME. These are things I wish people would share. ☺️





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