That is what I keep telling myself, anyway.

My Nan and Pop bought the house in 1979 or so, and moved from Baltimore to Rowlesburg, WV.

It was long known as the ‘Dunbar House’ by all the old folks in town, as the Dunbar family had apparently built/owned the house for years.

The house was always clean. My Nan had a lot of stuff, but everything had a place. My pop had lots of plants. He was good at growing things.

If you came to visit, expect to eat. Nanny was a fabulous cook.

My Pop went to bed at 8 p.m. and my Nanny would settle in to watch a show or two on tv. The dishes from dinner would be soaking in the sink, and around 11, she would do them, quietly, by the little light under the cabinets to the left of the sink.

I loved that time with her. We always had such good conversation. Being there was the same as being home. It was warm and comfortable. I loved being there.

Sometimes we’d throw some sleeping bags down on the living room floor to watch a movie together. She would make popcorn, and when that was gone, out came the ice cream.

We had big family meals together often. Holiday gatherings were filled with food and laughter and LOTS of love. And you can’t speak of Nanny and Pop’s house without mentioning the porch. It was a wonderful place to be!

They are both gone now, as are all of my aunts and uncles, except for one.. and we were given the opportunity to move into the house. We left life in FL behind and headed for the mountains.

It was odd to be in there with all of our stuff, and not Nan and Pop’s things. Odd, yet it felt like home. It was wonderful and bittersweet, and I am so very thankful to my cousins for all of it.

I had a falling out with the cousins, and after 10 months, we moved to a neighboring town.

I learned recently that the man who lives beside the house, purchased it from the bank and intends to tear it down. šŸ˜§

I have no control over the situation, and I’ll always have my memories (hopefully!) so I’m trying not to dwell. It makes me so sad, though.

While sleeping today (trying to rid myself of a major sinus gig) I had an awful dream in which my mom and I were in the house. It had been sitting vacant for many years and was about to collapse in on itself. We kept finding stuff that was Nan’s. We were trying to save it all as the house crumbled around us. It was so very unsettling. It’s what got me really remembering all the good times, and even the times that weren’t so good.

I miss them so very much.. šŸ’•

I think I’ve kind of attached myself to every place we have ever lived. I’m overly sentimental…


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