Sixth grade

Not a good year for me at all. Yet, it was amazing st the same time. 

 We left PA and moved to New Bedford, MA. We were living in my grandmother’s apartment (she was shacking up with her man lol), but my mom didn’t want me in NB schools. So, she enrolled me in Dartmouth Middle using my Aunt’s address, and we would drive over there each morning for me to catch the bus. 

It was okay, I guess. I made a few friends. I wasn’t there very long, though. 

We ended up moving to the Cape, to a little summer vacation rental along the ocean in Sandwich. It was FANTASTIC. The Atlantic was literally my backyard. 

Oh, I spent pretty much all of my time outside. I loved low tide, looking for creatures in tide pools and sitting on the jetty for hours, watching the tide roll in. And the rocks and shells! Endless hours of solitude and exploration. It was bliss. 

Ocean air is intoxicating. It is invigorating. It is addictive. I often ended up with wind burn upon my face. We lived near a marsh. A very, very large marsh, with a mile long boardwalk from one side to the other. I’d walk it each day. When the tide was up, I’d lie across it and watch the crabs coming in and out of their little hidey holes in search of food. 

I attended the Henry T. Wing Elementary school, which is where I spent K through 2nd grade before moving WV. I was able to reconnect with kids I had been friends with in the beginning. I was only there for a short while, because in January we moved into a brand new house in Monument Beach. I then attended the Stone Elementary School on Otis Air Force Base. 

I’m still friends with a lot of the kids I befriended back then. I remember really trying to figure out who I was during this time. 

I loved riding my bike and playing street hockey with the neighbor kids. The girl across the street and I became best friends, and life was good.

Still, I was so glad when 6th grade was over. It had seemed to go on forever…

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