Here I go, again

I miss blogging. Everyone Facebooks now.

I have had enough of FB for awhile, so here I am. I never last long here. I always go back to FB. However, with all the talk going on in regard to illegal aliens and whatnot, I just can’t. I am floored at how …yah know what? I am not going there. Not here. I came here to get away from that.

So. It is finally hot here. I need a day at the river, but it is muddy. As soon as it clears, you know where I will be!

I sat out on the porch with mom this morning. We had coffee and banana strawberry bread and talked.. it was nice. I love my porch. I am sad that no one comes to sit and share it with us. My Nanny’s porch was always busy with people. I wish I had friends and family that valued time with me as much as folks valued time with my Nan. I would love to sit on the porch and coffee or tea with people I love.

It got me thinking about how family and friends always say they will come visit. They never do. They say they don’t have the time or the money. Yet, they travel to see other people and places.

I am never enough.

When my sisters popped in here last year, I was absolutely overjoyed. Only to find out they talk shit behind my back. Kind of crushed me. Again, never good enough.

Well, enough of that. I was having a pity party and needed to get that off my chest.

Next post will be better.

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