It was a year ago today that we had to have our sweet Cinder cat put to sleep. We miss her, a lot. She was so sweet, and quite a character.

Snafu got so depressed after we lost Cinder. And M had never had a kitten, so off to the shelter we went.

We knew we wanted a black cat, but I told M to just wait and see which kitten chooses us. Luckily, the black kitten was the one.

Nova and Snafu keep us on our toes, especially Nova. She’s a nutter. The noises this cat makes! We call her Burt, because she is constantly walking around trilling … and it sounds like ‘brrrrrt’ ☺️

She’s not a lap cat, which is a bummer. But she does like to sleep with me. She will stuff herself in between my pillow and T’s pillow.

She’s a total jerk, walking around the house with the express purpose of knocking stuff over and/or off shelves and such. We have squirt bottles in every room. 😬

She battles with Snafu.. they get pretty rough some times..

He’s just a big, sweet, lovable fluff muffin..

We would have a lot more if T and my mom wouldn’t freak out!

We love them to bits!

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