Thirteen years ago, on my birthday, you called to wish me a Happy Birthday, and you promised me a steak dinner when you made the move to Tampa in a few weeks.

We were so excited for the move! We looked forward to doing so much with you! Camping and canoeing and lazy days in the pool, football games and Super Bowl parties, bonfires, golfing (where I’d get to drive the cart, because me? Golf? No. Lol) .. Bowling, holidays, days at the beach, fishing, cook outs.. the list goes on and on.

Here we are on the 13th anniversary of your death, and the sadness has been a bit overwhelming today…

We’ve missed out on SO much with you. Maya has missed out and you’ve missed out on being an Uncle. Life is so not fair. You were SO full of life, exuberant and positive about the future following your divorce.

I think of you daily. I miss you so very much.

And now your mom has joined you. I can’t talk about that just yet. Too raw. But I do hope you two have mended fences and are together.

I love you my friend, and I miss you…. hope they have cows in heaven cause I want that steak dinner! ❤️

(Mark was my husband’s brother and was my dear, dear friend. My soulmate in friend-form, if that makes sense.. )

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