“How was your week?”

My week went very well. I stayed on task with what I should be eating, and with my water intake. I went to bed at a decent hour each night, except for the last two nights. I am giving myself my “me time” back when I do not have to work the next day. I enjoy coming to my office and listening to music or watching Netflix or whatever after everyone else has gone to bed.

I finally went to see my doc, to try to get my shit together in the way of taking better care of myself. Baby steps. One step at a time… I will get to where I want and need to be eventually, as long as I just keep going. And seeing as I am only just now getting started, it is going to be a long journey. But week 1 is in the books. 🙂

Until next time… xoxo

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January 9, 2021


January 9, 2021