I’m forgoing today’s prompt. Because I felt like blathering on about music. It is no secret that I’m a huge music lover. People see my playlist and then look at me funny.

I am not a music snob. I don’t think one genre is better than another. I believe that music, like any other creative art form, is subjective.

What you like may make my ears bleed. What I like may make you cringe. That is the beauty of it. It’s subjective. To each his own.

My playlists are anything from big band music, to classical music, to 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, to early 2000s. You will find anything from Arlo Guthrie to Judas Priest… Sam Cooke to Anthrax… you get the picture…

Pretty sure I quit listening to the radio around 1995. Anything beyond that point was introduced to me by friends, or commercials, or from that random time I was in a place that had on a local station that played a song that struck my fancy.

Being in the internet age, and having access to an infinite amount of indie artists/bands, my list grows. In all honesty, you will most likely find me listening to 70s/80s music, and a lot of Mellencamp and Queen, more often than not. But, I have such a wide range of what I love. Some nights I’ll come in here to listen to music, get totally overwhelmed , and next thing I know, it is 6 a.m. I get lost.

I got lost making this post. Hahaha. I was listening to a song by Queen called Teo Torriate. It’s beautiful. I wanted to post about how much I love this song and how I wish I could isolate Freddie’s vocals so I could listen without the music.

Because… In some songs, Freddie IS the music.

I must go to sleep now. YouTube the song, if you will… it’s 🥰

Until next time… xoxo

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