“A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget about.”

I Won’t Forget You, by Poison.

When I was dating my ex, prior to our marriage, we listened to music constantly. This song used to make us all schmoopy and we’d always say how we could never forget each other.

I stayed with him far longer than I should have, but when I finally grew a set and decided it was time to end it, it was surprisingly easy. That’s how I knew that he and I truly did not belong together.

It was rather easy to forget him. When I think of things that happened back then, the places we went and things we did, I remember the event, the friends we were with… it’s almost like he wasn’t even there.

Until I hear this song. And then I think, “Ugh. Barf.” Hahaha.

Until next time… xoxo

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January 26, 2021


January 29, 2021