“A list of things you like..”

Oh boy. Lol.

In no particular order…

Sunshine. Puffy clouds. Cats. Dogs. My kid’s laugh. My husband’s smile. My mother’s love. Butterflies. Lazy days on the river. The ocean. Bonfires. Camping. Time spent with friends. Music. Freddie Mercury 😬 John Mellencamp. 🥰 Sunflowers. Wild flowers in general. Riding Martha (my 4 wheeler)

Camping. Birdsong. Being barefoot. Petrichor. Old book smell. Reading. Thunderstorms. Hot showers. The starry sky. Sunrises/sunsets. Clean sheets on the bed after showering. New socks. Knitted socks. Pizza. Steak. Bacon. Fresh bread. Funny cat/dog videos on YouTube. A good debate. Deep conversation. Head bonks. Waggy tails. Hugs. Kisses. When T plays with my hair. When someone else does the laundry. 🙃

Fellowship. Staying up late. Naps. Game night with friends. Singing badly when I’m alone. My hammock. Cooking. Creating.

Ok, I guess that’s enough. 😌

Until next time… xoxo

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February 19, 2021


February 24, 2021