“What is your favorite holiday?”


I am not all that religious, more spiritual, I guess. I believe in a higher power, a creator, not necessarily the God that I was taught about all my life.

This disappoints many people, mainly my mom and dad. My dad is no longer with us.. I digress…

My dad loved the holidays. My mom does too. They always went that extra bit to make sure it was amazing. It’s changed a lot for us in the last 10 years as it is just us, no extended family to celebrate with, no big gathering with lots of food, love, and laughter. It makes me sad for my kid. But, we’ve always tried to make it nice for her.

Christmas, for me, is more about slowing down and enjoying real quality time with my people. I love buying gifts for them. We are big on getting things needed over things wanted, but we still do things wanted in a big way.

I love my decorations and all the lights and having the tree up. I love how cozy our home is when decorated.

I miss my dad so much, all the time. It’s so much harder around the holidays, though.

Until next time … xoxo

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March 22, 2021


March 25, 2021