Monthly archives: April, 2021


Because I said so!

“What is something that you disagree with in the way that you were raised?” Oh. This is an easy one. My parents were not perfect. They were amazing, though. I had a very good childhood, and I have them to thank for that. The one thing that comes to mind, is the use of the …


What is your passion?

“What are you most passionate about in life?” Hm. Besides my family and music, I guess basic human rights. I do not understand people who hate so much. I get standing up for what you believe in. I am all for that. You can do that though, without trouncing all over those who are not …



“What phrase do you overuse?” Not a phrase, but a word. “Really?” Yeah, I find I use that A LOT. LOL. For a phrase, which comes in second, it is, “Are you f***ing serious?” There is just so much in this world that leaves me shaking my head. And THEN, when someone comes at me …



“What is the earliest memory you have?” Hmm. I have one really early one that my mom swears there is NO WAY I can remember it. However, it is not something that is ever talked about, and there are no photographs. She says I was about 2, maybe 2.5 years old. My dad had a …


Hello in different languages

“Which language do you wish you could speak?” All of them! Seriously! How cool would that be? If I had to choose though? I don’t know! I am picking up some Spanish here and there since my kid is taking it. And I am SLOWLY trying to learn German on my own. Japanese I guess …


Somebody to Love

“What is your karaoke song of choice?” Oh. You do NOT want to hear me sing. However, when I am alone, I LOVE to belt out Somebody to Love, the live version from Montreal in 81. Also, Drop ’em Out by Wheeler Walker Jr. LMAO. Don’t judge. hahaa. Until next time … xoxo


My mom on my 40th birthday

“What is your best birthday memory?” After my Pop died on my 27th birthday, I really did not enjoy celebrating my birthday. I really tried to keep it low key after that. For my 40th though, my friend Holly planned a surprise party. We were actually celebrating my neighbor’s kid’s birthday that day. Her birthday …


A Grandparent's Love

“What are/were your grandparents like?” They could not have been more different! My mom’s parents were Gram and Grandpa. My dad’s parents were Nanny and Pop. My Grandpa was kind, gentle, soft-spoken, semi-affectionate but not overly so, and had a wicked corny sense of humor. Mom and I still share jokes we come across and …


A photo of signage you'd see upon arrival to Cape Cod in the 70s/80s

“Where were you born? What was your house like as a child?” I was born on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. My parents owned a 3 bedroom home in Bourne, MA. I was born in 73, so it was typical of the time. Shag carpet, avocado green appliances in the kitchen (the washer and dryer, too!)… …


Island life

“What is your wildest dream?” Aside from creating a time machine so I could go back and befriend the members of Queen and tour the world and hang out in recording studios with them?? Hmmm. Let me think… LOL I guess it would be owning my own private tropical island. And having my own plane, …