“Who is someone you’ve lost?”

I’ve lost lots to death.

I’ve lost friends and family to arguments, ignorance, and misunderstandings.

Those are tough, too. I was friends with this one gal who just up and decided she no longer wanted to be friends. I honestly have no idea why. It may have had nothing to do with me, but it hurt and it hurt deeply. I really valued her as a friend and if I’d done something to upset her, I wanted… needed an opportunity to apologize.

She wouldn’t respond to any of my attempts to contact her. I had no choice but to let it go. But it hurt. It made me quite sad. I wonder about her often, and I hope she’s doing well. She really helped to change my way of thinking on various subjects. She was there for me in some very dark and difficult moments. She was a light in my life, and it pains me that she may not know that.

I miss her.

Until next time … xoxo

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April 3, 2021


April 9, 2021