“What is the most fun you have ever had?”

Are we talking single moment in time? Or a span of time?

If going with a span of time…then it would be that time in the early 2000s, when I indulged fully in my John Mellencamp obsession. I went to over 20 shows during a single tour. I went to shows in FL, GA, NJ, KY, and IN. I racked up an insane amount of debt between shows, food and drink, airfare, hotels, merchandise, cab rides etc.

And I would do it ALL OVER AGAIN. It was the best time of my life up til that point. I met some AMAZING people that I am still very close with, even to this day, 21 years later. I regret NONE of it. It was an amazing time in my life. John and his band put on such a mind-blowing performance. I love his music and always have. He is a little too political for me these days.. but I don’t hold it against him. We are all free and entitled to feel how we do, and even if I disagree with some of it.. I don’t lose any sleep over it. His music is part of the soundtrack of my life. I will always love JM to bits and pieces. He is one of my all time favorites.

One of his songs absolutely changed my life in a BIG way. And for that, I am eternally grateful. <3 I remember the first time I heard this song in October of 1998. I sat looking at my then-husband, knowing that if I wanted any kind of happiness in my life, I had to end the relationship. And in April of 1999, I left and never looked back. Best thing I ever did!

Until next time … xoxo

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